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As a state licensed agent we can enroll anyone the lives in Texas. Many plans will cover rural areas but will not have robust benefits compared to living in a major city.

Medicare Advantage Part C

DallasMMS LLC is the Medicare Advantage specialist. Medicare Advantage, also known as Medicare Part C, covers everything that Original Medicare does—and more. Many people qualify for the program but don’t know. Some have not due to bad information from questionable agents or unlicensed friends. Many agents are not licensed and do not enroll members into these plans. Advantage plans are heavily regulated and requires to be re-certified each year with AHIP and each carrier.

In 2016 president Trump when running for election he advocated how well the Advantage plans work. These plans are designed to replace Med-Sups when you are priced out of your plan. When you’re paying $250/month, or more, call us so we can put that money back in your bank account.

Medicare Insurance Carriers

DallasMMS LLC is the leading agency for Medicare insurance. We help our clients navigate the insurance industry, discover their options, and save money on their medical costs wherever possible. We are appointed with all the major carriers in North Texas such as Aetna, Amerigroup, Care N Care, Cigna, Humana and United Health Care.

Dual Special Needs Plans - Medicaid

DallasMMS LLC specializes in qualifying people for Medicaid. Once you have Medicaid you qualify for additional benefits that will be paid by the state when it is not covered by the plan. You get the best plan on the market and carriers are competing for you business aggressively.

Ancillary Benefits Dental , Vision etc..

DallasMMS LLC all our Advantage plans including dental, vision, hearing, some include transportation and grocery cards (Medicaid only).

Hospital Indemnity Policies

DallasMMS LLC has creative ways to offset your medical bills that incur during a hospital stay. A one day time hospital stay, the plan will pay for itself, and still have days left on the policy. The qualifications are strict so don’t wait to get sick to enroll, underwriting will not allow the application to process. Policies can be as low as $20/month depending on age during time of enrollment.

Group Health Insurance Champ Plan

This is an ancillary plan that “stacks on top” of your current plan you have now that can reduce your major medical cost on funded & self funded plans by splitting the network cost overall.

If your business has no medical plan at all and you have 10 employees or more you can qualify, this plan will act as a medical policy to have unlimited access to doctors and medication at $0 Cost.

What can the Champ plan do for your business and employees? In a nutshell, this is a Preventative Health Maintenance Plan that’s an IRS Section 125 approved plan; that will reduce the FICA taxes using pre-tax dollars to pay for the plan. Who pays? The employees pay and participate.

Why would employees want to pay for more insurance – good question.

  • By using pre-tax dollars to pay for the plan (health plans are not taxed), the employee will get his taxes cut by almost 50% including the FICA tax. In the example we provide the average employee would get a $119.20 pay INCREASE by paying less taxes – per paycheck.
  • The employees receive the Plan benefits not the Business Owner and have to participate.
  • The business owner now would have to match less FICA taxes saving money from day one. In this example $47.80 the company saved in matching tax dollars – per employee.
  • A business with 1000 employees will save $573,600.00 that will add to their EBITA that a CPA can verify the day the plan is active – increasing capital overnight.

Individual Health Insurance

DallasMMS LLC is the leading individual health insurance agency. We shop some of the most competitive deals in the industry, giving you a chance to compare insurance policies from a range of providers before picking the right one for you.

Senior Life Insurance

DallasMMS LLC is proud to be a leading agency for senior health insurance. We help our customers discover their options, compare insurance policies, and find the right one for them. Friendly, knowledgeable, and professional, our team is second to none call us to see how we can help you.

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