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How to Qualify for Extra Help

Do you need extra help paying for medications? Medicare has a program you may qualify for called Low Income Subsidy or LIS. These programs are based on your Social Security Income plus any additional income you may have such as retirement, 401K, IRA or any income recorded in your bank account.

If you make less than $1,600.00 per month you are eligible for LIS depending on approval by Social Security.

If you make less than $1250.00 you may have your Part B premium waved.

Call us to put in the application for you; it will take about 2-4 weeks for approval. Once you have been approved you are eligible for a Special Election Period and can make a plan change during the year.

You will have to verify each year usually in January to remain eligible for that year.

If you want to put the application in for LIS visit this website to complete the application. Once you have completed this call us about 2-3 weeks later and we can check online to see if you have been approved.

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