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Medicare Part C Advantage Plans vs. Medical Supplements (MED SUPS)

Are you paying for Medicare? Did you know you can qualify for Part C, Advantage Plans, HMO & PPO’s at ZERO COST? When you’re paying $200-500 a month for Medicare call me and we can put that money back into your bank account.

Medicare Advantage Plans are not as good as regular Medicare or a Med Sup – FALSE. Advantage plans don’t work overseas – FALSE all emergencies are covered anywhere.

There are many rumors about Advantage Plans that are not true. Many agents are not licensed to enroll clients into these plans since they are highly regulated by the government. These agents sell Medical Supplements, aka Med Sups, but do not disclose how the plan can affect you over time. Med Sups charge a monthly premium that will increase each year, sometimes 2 times in a year, when you turn from 69 to 70. Plus you must pay for a Part D stand-alone plan. If you want Dental or Vision, you will have to purchase a stand-alone policy separately.

Advantage plans work with Social Security so you do not lose your S.S. or Medicare status. If you are not on a plan and just regular Medicare, then you are liable for 20% of all hospitalization and bills. Medicare only pays for 80% and you must pay for Part B & D, unless you were in the Military, then your exempt from paying Part B and D without a penalty.

Advantage plans come with Part D, hearing, dental, vision and may included transportation all built into the plan – AT ZERO COST.

Advantage plans have a Max Out Of Pocket (typical $5000 some higher some lower) that means once you hit that MOOP you will not have to pay for any medical bills for the rest of the calendar year. It has been estimated 85% never hit the MOOP in a year.

Pros & Cons - $0 Deductible $0 Premium Pros & Cons – Monthly Payment
Primary doctor – ZERO COPAY’s One time annual Co-pay for the plan and all visits to the doctor or hospital are ZERO charge.
Specialist – No Referrals on some plans You pay a monthly premium each month regardless if you go to the doctor or not
Specialist – ZERO - $50 COPAY depending on plan You MUST get a Part D plan
Lab Work - ZERO COPAY’s You are rated up in price each year, maybe 2 times in one year
Vision - $150-500 depending on plan No ancillary products – dental vision etc…
Dental - $2500-5000 many plans include dentures and implants staring in 2023 To change plans you must go thru underwriting and usually rated up higher
Hearing – See Plan details
Transportation - See Plan details
Part D – ZERO COPAY on generics most plans
No underwriting to qualify

We help people qualify for Extra Help, if you get less than $1600/month from Social Security and no other income you may qualify. If less than $1050/month you may qualify for Medicaid.

Call Zachary for any questions or help to apply for extra benefits.


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