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How important is it for your city, municipality or business to translate 104 different languages for the 20% of the population that does not use English as their native language?

We are currently working with major cities, corporations and countries using this website A.I. technology to streamline crossing the language barrier in real time.

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Real-time Translation: Our advanced API enables real-time translations across 104 languages, with seamless experience in real time. With 8 years in development this product has finally come to market officially in 2018. Major corporations are a client and many on-boarding each day.

Here are common questions you should know in advance.

Can we provide cities or government agencies for a reference?

No, Due to NDA’s we cannot provide contact information for government contracts. However, we are currently registered in the Federal System for Award Management (SAM), making us eligible to do business with the government. Furthermore, as states don't fall under federal procurement systems, we can work on registrations on a state-by-state basis, depending on their criteria. We are not able to provide specific names and contact info due to the rules of the RFP and the proposal.

In addition, most of our enterprise clients including government agencies require us to sign NDA and privacy agreements that do not allow us to talk about our agreement.

In addition, we have multiple government contracts both domestic and international that we are under.

If they need more info, they can contact us and we can lead them in the right direction.

Currently we are working with the City of Ventura; we're also working with the City of LA on their procurement site. Also, we work with a few school districts, one is in Oakland CA and we assisted with their student enrollment process.

We have also done document translations for the DMV in Colorado and Nevada.

We did website translations for the University of Miami and we are talking with Florida State University.

Between our registration information, the marketing materials provided on the Bettr/LetzChat page, the information/demo video on our website, our innovations that discusses our products/ services, and the list of current/ expanding Fortune500 partnerships, there is more than enough information for local officials to see we are the real deal.


  1. Low cost: Our Customer Acquisition Cost is estimated at .25 cents per new client.
  2. Website Translation: Transform your text, images with words, video in real time.
  3. Video: Translate your video, subtext, chyrons (electronically generated caption), even alter video with A.I. to mimic words-to-mouth movement for a natural appearance.
  4. Document Translation: Business, Medical, Legal with 99.9% accuracy using quality control human moderators for complex documents and verbiage.
  5. SMS/TXT/QR/Bar Code: We handle all texting seamlessly through the API anywhere.
  6. Conference Calls: Hold calls in any country with up to 25 users simultaneously.
  7. Restaurants: Translate your drive thru in real time.

We had 5 dealerships that used our technology in 5 different states, after using this tool their business went up 7%, their service went up 9% and their website engagement went up 120% after using this plug-in for 30 days.

Duncan Donuts increased sales by 20% from the drive thru service after installing the program.

The NFL, Comcast, the University of Miami and several other companies are already using this amazing language barrier solving technology.

Business Owners, CEO’s need to call for appointment and on boarding procedures.

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