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Champion Health Inc. - The Champ Plan

This Does Not Replace Your Current Major Medical Plan Now

This is an ancillary plan that “stacks on top” of your current plan you have now that can reduce your major medical cost on funded & self funded plans by splitting the network cost overall.

What can the Champ plan do for your business and employees? In a nutshell, this is a Preventative Health Maintenance Plan that’s an IRS Section 125 approved plan; that will reduce the FICA taxes using pre-tax dollars to pay for the plan. Who pays? The employees pay and participate.

Why would employees want to pay for more insurance – good question.

EXAMPLE (slides available in presentation)

  • By using pre-tax dollars to pay for the plan (health plans are not taxed), the employee will get his taxes cut by almost 50% including the FICA tax. In the example we provide the average employee would get a $119.20 pay INCREASE by paying less taxes – per paycheck.
  • The employees receive the Plan benefits not the Business Owner and have to participate.
  • The business owner now would have to match less FICA taxes saving money from day one. In this example $47.80 the company saved in matching tax dollars – per employee.
  • A business with 1000 employees will save $573,600.00 that will add to their EBITA that a CPA can verify the day the plan is active – increasing capital overnight.

Plan Benefits Include

  • Plan provides $0 Co-Pay for the following:
    • Doctors/Urgent Care Visits (employees only)
    • Medications (employees plus family)
    • Direct Primary Care (employees plus family)
    • Amaze 24/7 access to real time virtual doctors using facetime on cell phones to take pictures and advice if urgent medical help is needed or if an appointment can be scheduled with a family doctor – saving time and money.

This sounds too good to be true? We hear this all the time

  • Champion Health Inc. has been established for 10 years and is rapidly growing.
  • Fortune 500 companies like Harley Davidson, ADP, MAACO, Dennys, etc... Use Champion now.
  • Smaller companies that DO NOT provide health insurance can use this instead of a major medical plan. Also helps with employee retention – if they quit they lose the plan.

Action Steps

For a free no cost or obligation review we just need some basic information to run the numbers.

  • Initial Census: To produce a proposal/analysis

Scott Richardson
Champion Health Agent NPN #1275167

The Champ Plan is working with big firms for 10 years. The retention rate is 100% to maintain the tax status.

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Champ is a Government Approved Section 125 of the IRS Code; therefore employees must participate to keep Tax Status by taking simple test.

Qualifying triggers

Before and After Employee Pay Check Example
Example Based on a Monthly Pay Cycle

Monthly Pay cycle

This example is 1000 employees but could be 10 – 10,000 employees

Monthly Pay cycle
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